Clinic at 370, You matter to us

All our community of patients matter to us, which is why we are a Bulk Billing Medical Centre. We ensure every appointment is long enough so that we can listen to you and gather enough information to not only treat any current ailments but also maintain your long-term health and general well being

Our doctors are highly skilled and experienced. We believe that understanding our patient’s needs is crucial to helping give them the best and most appropriate care. We are a bulk billing medical centre for all valid Medicare cardholders (New patient fee for an initial visit).

We try and provide same-day appointments to our patients that need it most.

We’re not just another local medical centre

Patient centred care is our priority, we care about your mental health as well as your physical health, so come along and have a chat with your trusted, local doctor, and enjoy a holistic approach to your healthcare.

If you feel like something isn’t right, or you want to maintain your health, why not book an appointment with your doctor today?

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