We Offer Bulk Billing to Everyone with a valid Medicare Card

At Clinic at 370 we bulk-bill all our patients. Therefore you don’t get any out of pocket expenses when you visit the doctor. If you’re under the weather or something doesn’t feel right – you can come in and see us without worrying about costly medical bills. We understand that being sick is already a stressful enough time. So we provide bulk billing to all eligible Medicare Card holders.

Medicare bulk billing is available to non concession card holders

For those patients that have a Medicare card and no concession card, you will be bulk billed directly to Medicare. Please remember to bring your Medicare Card with you so we can process your visit for you.

Quality healthcare

When you visit our medical centre at Royal Domain Plaza located at Suite 420, 370 St Kilda Road, Melbourne 3004, you don’t have to pay anything upfront if you have a valid Medicare card, with or without a concession card.

We are committed to providing you with the best healthcare and practice that embodies the old-fashioned traditions of the ‘family doctor.’
We want the local community to maintain their health. By providing a bulk-billed service to all valid Medicare cardholders, we can ensure that everyone has access to a doctor.

Your local bulk billing medical centre.

We never want finances to be a barrier to healthcare, as part of the local community, we encourage everyone to prioritise their health and come and see us if you feel like there’s something not quite right.

Whether you’ve been referred by a friend or you’re looking for a doctor in Melbourne or in the outlying areas of Victoria, whatever your reasons, book an appointment with us.

In regards to Medicare – Most Australian residents are eligible for a Medicare Card, as are Australian and New Zealand citizens whom reside in Australia. You may also be entitled to obtain a Medicare Card under some work visas, and if your home country has a reciprocal healthcare agreement with Australia. Please contact your local Medicare office for further information or click the link to read more here

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