We can help you recover with WorkCover

When it comes to your livelihood an injury can not only be physically debilitating, but it can be mentally challenging too. Whether you are providing financially for yourself, or your family, an injury can affect your ability to support yourself.

Whilst getting you back to work and good health is our priority, we also want to ensure you are physically ready. We take every care to ensure that you are not only ready for work in the short-term, but that long-term it won’t affect your health further.

If you have, or require a WorkCover certificate, we have approved medical specialists who can assess you and treat you. WorkCover will cover costs associated with any treatment in relation to your illness or injury.

Our medical centre in Eagles Heights of Tamborine Mountain has facilities required to treat your injury or illness and manage your rehabilitation. Our medical centre was purpose built, is wheelchair friendly and has plenty of onsite parking.

The first thing we do is assess the degree of temporary or Whole of Person Impairment (WPI) caused by your workplace injury. We then manage all aspects of your recovery including:

  • Primary care of the injury
  • Monitoring and reviewing the injured worker’s progress and outcomes
  • Assessing work capacity and providing Certificates of Capacity
  • Referrals to other healthcare services and monitoring the effectiveness of these services
  • Facilitating return to work, which may include liaison with the employer and WorkCover case managers

About WorkCover

Employers are required by law to have WorkCover as an insurance policy against any accidents for their employees. That means that if you are employed as a contractor or as a PAYG worker, you are entitled to claim WorkCover for any type of work-related injury.

Injuries don’t just have to be physical, they can be psychological/psychiatric injuries such as stress and anxiety disorders. Injury can be from an accident, physical repetitiveness, or even because of long-term exposure to harmful noise levels, chemicals, or other hazardous materials.

In some cases, WorkCover can be awarded from injuries incurred while travelling to or from work, on a break, or while working interstate, overseas, or even from home. However, these are best discussed with your Doctor and WorkCover case manager.

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